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美国费米国立加速器实验室计算中心宣布 Scientific Linux 项目正式停止。

Scientific Linux 是由费米试验室、CERN、苏黎世联邦理工学院和德国电子加速器项目联合开发的发行版。其历史和 CentOS 一样悠久,都是 2004 年发起,且都是以 RHEL 重新编译为基础,由社区支持的发行版。虽然动机是满足实验室内部需要,但也是面向最终用户发布的通用发行版,一直是 CentOS 之外另一个显眼的基于 RHEL 的社区发行版。如今随着项目停止, 也标志着一段历史的结束。🕯️ 🕯️

实验室科学计算主任 James Amundson 表示,由于深层地下中微子实验项目( )涉及的国际合作,需要和各个实验室和学术机构建立统一的计算环境(* 因此他们认为继续开发 SL 已经没有意义?)。SL 6/7 仍会支持到生命周期结束为止,并感谢所有贡献过项目的参与者。但实验室在未来将部署 CentOS 8 而不是再开发 Scientific Linux 8,并和 CERN 继续合作使其成为一个更好的高能物理计算平台。

B站广告的 认为的 “已加密”
http + 明文内容

Yet another artist is being blocked in China. We call it "封杀", literally "blocking and killing"

LineageOS + NanoMod microG or LineageOS with microG ? 🤔 😂

Whoa, found an article about our new desktop clients in Chinese! 😁😍

Frankly, I'm not much afraid of revealing my real identity online, but the right of choosing to do so or not, and the ability to disassociate a particular online identity with the real one, are where the whole "anonymity is privacy and free speech" stuff came from. It's completely not as Linus said "confuse privacy with anonymity", it's simply because you don't get real privacy without the right to be anonymous. Yes, anonymity enables a lot of assholes to post shit without taking responsibility, but that's what freedom costs. Freedom is never free, and you have to decide whether you choose to give up freedom to eliminate those people you don't like, or to take freedom and bare with the fact that now those people are also free. It's just how human is, you cannot be both free yourself and free from those "assholes". It simply won't work.

Well, I really hope Linus Torvalds didn't really call for a Chinese-style internet.

HTTPS 证书过期引发的一系列吐槽:
1. Uptimerobot 对此完全没有知觉。
2. Netlify 从 custom certificate 切换到自动申请 Let's Encrypt 的功能似乎不好用。会提示 DNS verification failed。
3. Cloudflare 的 DNS 缓存刷新还是挺快的。
4. 用了 LE 之后真得注意着点...
5. 感谢 @horo 的提醒 :-) uses an invalid security certificate. The certificate expired on 18 March 2019, 11:49:41 GMT+8. The current time is 18 March 2019, 12:02. Error code: SEC_ERROR_EXPIRED_CERTIFICATE

@outvi @outloudvi has a security policy called HTTP Strict Transport Security (HSTS), which means that Nightly can only connect to it securely. You can’t add an exception to visit this site.

Your computer clock is set to 3/14/19. Make sure your computer is set to the correct date, time, and time zone in your system settings, and then refresh

@niconiconi 😂

我 恨 富 人 在 我 面 前 哭 穷

关于 XMPP 文件上传的有趣事实 

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