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都关闭注册了要规则有何用 😂
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呵呵呵呵…… 🤤
  • 发送性别/种族歧视、和教唆犯罪的内容。
  • 以及不好意思,R18 是不可以的哟~


  • 像政治,宗教一类的容易引起争吵的话题能少就少是最好的啦~
  • 宣传可以,记得适度 😂
  • 如果觉得自己的内容可能会引起某些群体不适(例如晒分,虐狗等等),记得用Content Warning (CW)
  • 觉得那条规则不合适?那就让咱知道。(然后成功的解决了提出问题的人,全局终)



Last updated: Jun 13, 2018

Rules and content policy

I'll try my best to make these shorter :-)

Prohibited content

User who send such content will get blocked (eaten) immdeiately and permanent.
  • Racist and sexist.
  • Pornography (espacially child porn).
  • Crime and criminal solicitation.
If you see any inappropriate content. Report it.

Not recommend content

You may send such content but as little as possible, please.
  • Solicitation of you or something, like website, software, community, etc.
  • Discussion about politics and religious.

More things about here

  • Please try to be open, loving and respecting other users.
  • Use Content Warning (CW) for content that may make people uncomfortable here.
  • Please understand this is not the Dark Web. Decentralization is not synonym to hidden identity.
  • This instance is hosted on a personal server and with periodical backups. But I cannot make any guarantee on whether it stable :-)
  • If you think any rule is imapporpiate, let me know.
  • After all, if you are joining this Mastodon instance, it means that you trust the administrator @horo, who set up and fully manage this instance, because thus it can block you, remove your content, view your email address etc. here. I still recommend that anyone who is able to set up his / her / it own instance should do it, and this is also good for the ecosystem of GNU Social / Mastodon.

"Heh-heh. Do you know why we wolves attack people in the mountains?"
"It is because we wish to eat human brains and gain their knowl- edge."
"You're still a pup. Hardly a match for me."